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The International Frisbee Hall of Fame

2019 Guts Frisbee Hall of Fame Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete these surveys to assist in the induction of the 2019 Hall of Fame Class. Your assistance and input is greatly appreciated.

The first survey is used to nominate a person for the Hall of Fame. The second survey will be used to help gauge the factors that people think are most important in selecting people for the Hall of Fame.

David Brown
Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Chair

Nomination Survey Link:

HOF Criteria Survey

2017 HOF Results

A special thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process; for the tireless hours spent by Committee members in their deliberations; and to the existing Hall of Famers and the other voting members.

24 men and women received nominations which is an honor in itself. To be considered or compared to the greats of our sport is impressive. A few people will be inducted this year, while other people's time is yet to come.

Although additional details of the process is available at, the focus today is on the results. Therefore, in behalf of the Hall of Fame Committee,  we are pleased to announce the results of the voting:

Mark Banghart, Steve Buckley, Pat Dexter, Duane Haralson and Julie Thomsen Vadnais have been voted into the Hall of Fame, receiving over 67 % of votes cast.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend the Induction Ceremony on July 4th in Calumet to honor both of them.


David Brown, Chair
Hall of Fame Nomination Committee


HOF History

In 1978, a group of officials of the International Frisbee Association and executives of Wham-O Mfg. Co., makers of the Frisbee, discussed the desirability of creating a Hall of Fame to honor those persons who had made major contributions to the growth of disc sports.

A poll was taken on persons who should be enshrined and the names of Jon Davis, Ed Headrick, the Healy Brothers, Victor Malefronte, Paul Richardson, Goldy Norton, Fred Morrison, and Stancil Johnson were almost unanimous selections.


It was decided to announce the formation of the Frisbee Hall of Fame at the 1978 World Frisbee Championships and to announce the persons previously mentioned as the initial honorees.

Subsequently, the Chamber set up the first biennial election for Hall of Fame members, using a scaled down version of the election process used for the baseball Hall of Fame. Twelve electors were appointed, all of who had a long history in disc activities, and they each were asked to name ten nominees. Fore election, a nominee had to appear on three-quarters (nine) of the ballots. Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1980 were John Kirkland, Jo Cahow, and Dan Roddick.


The Hall of Fame exhibits honoring the original members and the Class of 1980 are metal engravings made from original line drawings by artist Ann Goldstein. The original engravings are then handsomely mounted on plaques.

In 1982, with the 25th anniversary of the International Frisbee Tournament—the oldest continuing disc sports activity in the world—set to take place, it was decided by the Copper Country Chamber of Commerce to combine that event with the formal dedication of the Frisbee Hall of Fame.

The twelve living members of the Hall of Fame were invited to be enshrined at ceremonies at the Hall of Fame and then honored at a banquet following, as well as to be special guests at the 25th Anniversary IFT on the following two days.

Later in 1982, the Chamber held the balloting for new honorees to the Hall of Fame, and, in addition, a special “old-timers” committee will be established to honor those persons who made major contributions in the early days of the disc sports activities, and who may not be familiar to all the persons voting for Hall of Fame inductees.
(Originally produced in the 1982 25th Annual International Frisbee Tournament program)

Subsequently, classes were inducted in 1984/87, 1997, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011.

The duties of housing and curating the Hall was handed over to Dennis “Wally” Walikainen in the early 1990s from the Copper Country Chamber of Commerce, who didn’t produce a location for it. Soon after, the Hall was located in the Houghton County Memorial Museum in Lake Linden, Michigan, for a number of years.

With interest from Calumet Township, the Calumet Colosseum, and Main Street Calumet, the Hall was moved to the second floor of the Calumet Colosseum, where it continues to grow. Frisbee players and fans continue to donate to the Hall, and induction ceremonies are still held every other year, slated for 2013.


The Dave Bradshaw Award, honoring “those who have made remarkable, memorable contributions to the game, making it stronger, and fostering its grown,” is awarded in the alternate years with the Hall inductions. More on the Bradshaw Award . . . [link]

In 2012, at the Guts Frisbee Congress, the name of the Hall was officially changed to the International Frisbee and USA Guts Hall of Fame, recognizing both the past intentions of the Hall and the future growth focusing on Guts Frisbee.

The Hall features numerous discs, t-shirts, news clippings, trophies, posters, and photos from the rich history of tournaments around the nation and the globe.