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Alan Blake

Alan Blake was a driving force in the early advancement of Guts. As leader of the legendary Highland Avenue Aces Guts Frisbee Team, he helped propel the sport into the modern era. A defensive phenomenon who also had one of the game's first great two-finger sidearm throws, Alan Blake could take over a match with both his throwing and catching. Under his leadership, the Aces competed in five consecutive International Frisbee Tournament finals, from 1970 through 1974, winning in '71, '72, and '73. He was also an exemplary sportsman on and off the field, a pleasure to play with or against. Following his Guts career, Blake performed as part of The Aces Frisbee™ Demo Team. Performing more than 300 times in 35 states, Alan spread the word about Frisbee sports, including Guts, wherever he traveled.

Alan Blake 

Inducted at the 56th International Frisbee Tournament in 2013

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