Hall of Fame

Duane Haralson

Duane embodies all of the Hall of Fame characteristics: immense talent, thoughtful leadership, and unmatched sportsmanship. Beginning in the mid-1970s, Duane propelled Paul’s Bar to the upper echelon of Guts Frisbee in its golden era, winning the 1978 U-M Indoor Frisbee Festival and making the finals several other times. He also helped Dow Plastics to a World Guts Championship in 1992 and the Blind Mules to a North American Guts Championship in 1997. His rock-solid defense and scrambling ability are legendary, and his accurate, punishing sidearm gave opponents another reason to avoid him. Duane continued to compete well into the 2000s, and his inspirational play and teaching are held in such esteem that the prac-tice field in Calumet was named Haralson Field in 2013.

Inducted at the 60th International Frisbee Tournament in 2017


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