Hall of Fame

Julie Thomsen Vadnais

One of the top players in the history of women’s Guts, Julie exhibited the highest levels of play, tenaciousness, and sportsmanship. She combined great hands in defensive dominance with an offensive attack that featured both a powerful thumb throw and backhand. With Marquette’s Mad Hatters, Julie would play in 8 finals in the biggest tournaments, winning 3 International Frisbee Tournaments, 1 World Guts Championship, 1 US Nationals, and 1 Redford Open. During the heyday of women’s Guts, Julie was the rock-solid anchor of the Mad Hatters and the player avoided by other teams, if they could, due to her highly aggressive play. She was also a major organizer and promoter, helping run the Guts Players Association and contributing frequently to the GPA Newsletter.

Inducted at the 60th International Frisbee Tournament in 2017


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