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Pat Dexter

In 1975 Pat read Hall of Famer Stancil Johnson’s Frisbee: A Practitioner’s Manual and Definitive Treatise. Soon Albuquerque became a force in Ultimate and Guts Frisbee due to his initiative, nurturing, patience, and sheer will. In 1977 Pat established the Guts-A-Fair tournaments and led the winning Sidewinders team multiple times. With new Guts players joining in the 1980s, Pat remained one of the very best in both three-man and five-man formats, continuing through the 1990s. His legacy includes a tremendous three-man Guts tournament still held in Albuquerque every autumn, Team Pinche’s 2003 IFT championship, and the Bataan Park Brothers’ 3 US Nationals/USA Guts World Championship victories. Albuquerque players say they owe it all to Pat Dexter, the man who created Guts in the Southwest.

Inducted at the 60th International Frisbee Tournament in 2017


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