New Guts Tournament
by Steve Taylor | May 21, 2019

We are currently gauging the interest for a brand new tournament with a brand new format. 

The Inaugural Guts Draft Tournament (GDT)

When: Saturday, Sept. 28th and Sunday, Sept. 29th

Where: Milwaukee, WI (less than six hours from every Midwest Guts player besides Joe Essman)

What: Every player arrives on Saturday morning with an equal shot at winning the tournament. 

How: Every Guts gold medalist that commits to this tournament by July 7th will become his own general manager. The goal is to have eight gold medalists show up and 40 additional players (that's 48 total players for the yoopers reading this, eh). 

On Saturday morning at 9:00 am is a closed door draft among the eight GMs. We will end up with eight teams of six. The draft order will be determined by rock, paper, scissors. We will be utilizing the snake draft format. 

At 9:30 am (real time, NOT Guts time) teams are announced. We play a true round robin on Saturday where everyone plays everyone, so seven games total. Teams are then seeded one through eight based on wins. All ties are broken with shoot outs in which every player on the team receives one throw to score (Tim Meyer's idea!). If an additional tie breaker is needed then the winner will be the team that can punch Ryan Scott the hardest. 

On Sunday we start PRECISELY at 10:00 am and play a single elimination tournament with a toilet bowl championship for the first four eliminated. The finals is a best of three match to win The Guts Draft Tournament: Milwaukee Edition. The winning team will all win GDT gold medals that will make them eligible to be a GM in the future. 

Why: Because it sounds like fun. Because we've been listening to you. With this format every single player registered has a chance to win the tournament. The top talent will be spread out and the general managers will be responsible for building well rounded teams. You'll play with a bunch of guys for the first time. The team dynamics will be interesting and GM gloating will be encouraged. 

Which team can jell the fastest? Which team will get hot on Sunday? Which GM comes out on top? 

Let us know if you want to find out. 

If you've read this far than you're obviously interested. What we need from you is a percentage confirmation of either: 

100% I'm in!

75% I'll do my best to be there

50% I'll try but no guarantees

We don't want to hear from you if it's less than a 50% chance as there is planning that needs to go into this. This is NOT a tournament that you can show up to on Saturday and play in. There will be a registration deadline. There will be no prize money as the entry fees (minus tourney costs) will be used to pay off a credit card that we're using to buy new video equipment for Guts in June. The requested entry fee is $40 per player. The decision to have this tournament or not will be determined by July 7th, so let us know your interest soon. 

Email one of the above three options (100, 75 or 50) and I'll keep a running list here on the site of players committed. 

Gold Medalists (GMs):

Ryan Scott

Michael Banghart (75%)

100 Percenters: 

Derek Stone

Donny Klemmer Jr.

Larry Scott

Luke Lahtinen

Frisbee Jones

75 Percenters: 

Jordan Michael

Leroy Sharp



Joe Essman

Not Invited: 

Adam Swanson

I'm putting this on the website because not everyone is on Facebook that plays Guts. So if they are not, then text this link to them and they can email me their interest. 

Catch ya in the war room,

Donny (the commish)