2019 HOF Results
by Steve Taylor | Jul 03, 2019

A special thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process; for the tireless hours spent by Committee members in their deliberations; and to the existing Hall of Famers and the other voting members.

23 men and 2 women received nominations which is an honor in itself. To be considered or compared to the greats of our sport is impressive. A few people will be inducted this year, while other people's time is yet to come.

Although additional details of the process is available at, the focus today is on the results. Therefore, in behalf of the Hall of Fame Committee,  we are pleased to announce the results of the voting:

Al Bauman, Bill “Brock” DePetro, Tom Matuzak and John Sappington have been voted into the Hall of Fame, receiving over 67 % of votes cast.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend the Induction Ceremony on July 6th at Gino’s Restaurant in Hancock, Michigan during the International Frisbee Tournament to honor them.