by Donnie Klemmer | Jul 07, 2020

USA Guts is evaluating one tournament at a time and working with local officials to determine if we can safely comply with the regulations set forth. 

The WFDF World Ultimate and Guts Championships in the Netherlands was cancelled by the governing body in March. 

The Illinois Indoor tournament was cancelled in late March.

The Wisconsin State Championships was cancelled in late May. 

The World Championships in Detroit was cancelled in early June.

The US Nationals in Marquette was cancelled in early July.

We are holding out hope that we can continue the long legacy of the International Frisbee Tournament by holding the 63rd iteration of it this year. This is the longest running Frisbee tournament in the world and our goal during this entire pandemic has been to hold that tournament and keep with tradition. The first step in this process was to move it from July 4th weekend to Labor Day weekend. This will give us the most time to hopefully get through the worst of the pandemic and to evaluate all of our options. We're all holding out hope that we'll be able to hold the IFT in 2020, but of course, no guarantees are possible. 

Play Guts. Catch everything .... except Covid. 

Be safe out there everyone! 

Much love to our entire Frisbee family,

Donny Klemmer Jr.

Director of Communication for USA Guts